We offer these services:

DPF Regeneration / DPF Cleaning / DPF Removal / DPF Delete / DPF Problems / EGR Removal / EGR Delete / Performance Remap / Economy Remap / 50/50 Remap / Remapping / Mobile Remapping / Bench Remapping / Chip Tuning / Custom Remap / 4WD Rolling Road / Speed Limiter Removal


All these services can be carried out on vehicles with tuning protection up to date without sending your ECU away

We also do work on trucks, tractors, motorbikes and boats. For more information please enquire within.



We at Ultimate Remap draw from the vast knowledge base of ECU tuning and remapping to bring the latest tools, software and tuning techniques. Ultimate Remap really is the essential workshop for all ECU upgrades and performance parts and accessories. We also have a large database of ECU protocols for many car manufacturers

Economy Tuning Service

Why have an economy tune? A simple answer lies with the rising cost of fuel. You could have up to 19% improved fuel economy saving you £1000’s. Enquire within for more information.

Performance Remap

This can be applied to all engine size, and is just as effective on smaller engines as it is on bigger engines. Some of the benefits include: More Power / Better Torque / Better Response Time / Smoother Drive

50 / 50

This option caters for both ends of the scale; get the performance and the economy benefits which produce good all round results.

DPF Removal

Ultimate Remap can now offer a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) removal service and comes highly recommended as most vehicles fitted with a DPF will need to have the filter replaced at some point. This also involves re-programme your ECU and installing DPF removal software and is known to be very cost effective.

EGR Removal

Exhaust Gas Recirculation is carried out safely and correctly by Ultimate Remap, this will not invalidate your warranty and leave no visible trace.
Discounts available for:

  • Group Remap Days P.O.A
  • Car or Van clubs
  • Friends with a group of cars
  • Business’s with 3 or more vehicles
  • Families with 2 or more vehicles
  • Emergency services/Military personal