How we do it

All adjustments made to the ECU are very specific to each customer’s engine and are always well within the safety margins. For example power and torque output can be modified by changing the program stored inside the ECU. Remapping is the process of releasing that restricted output in the same way that a manufacturer would do in order to sell an higher rated vehicle.

At Ultimate Remap we will carefully adjust the settings in your ECU, allowing you to safely get the most out of your vehicle and improve various aspects of your vehicle’s operation.


Will remapping invalidate my warranty?

Technically modifying any part of a car can invalidate some or all elements of a manufacturer or approved used warranty. However in most cases no physical modification will be made to your ECU. In most cases the remap can be uploaded via the OBD port. The supplier of the remap software strives to make the software as undetectable as possible to the dealer’s diagnostic equipment.


Can the remap software be uninstalled?

The remap process can be completely reversed and put back to standard. Should you wish to have your remap removed if you sell your car, we would be happy to reverse the process for a small service charge. Likewise if your car loses the remap software due to a software upgrade at the main dealer we would be able to reinstall the remap software.


Should I tell my insurance company?

Although the software may be very hard to detect, technically it is a legal requirement to tell your insurance company if you modify your car in any way, but it would be the customers choice if they chose to do so or not. Some insurance companies will not penalise you for remapping your car. Some charge as little as £1.80 for this.


Will remapping my car increase fuel consumption?

If you continue to drive your car in the same manner as you did prior to the remap customers say that they actually use less fuel on turbo diesel cars and can see anything from 1 MPG to 7 MPG depending on whether urban, combined or motorway driving, some vehicles may actually achieve more.


What is the difference between chipping and remapping?

Remapping is done by uploading modified software on to an ECU of a car normally via the OBD port. It is not normally necessary to make any physical modification to the car. Chipping is a process that was mainly done on pre 2000 cars which didn’t have an OBD port. This involved opening up the ECU and replacing the original microchip within the ECU for a modified microchip with remapped software installed on it.


Tuning Box vs Remap ?

A tuning box is a quick fix option, it can be fitted in minutes and removed. It works by modifying the signal from the fuel pressure sensor and sends modified data back to the engine ecu which then alters the turbo pressure and fuelling for the vehicle.

Useful if there is no remap solution for your vehicle or for short term use.

A Remap is a better option as ALL maps are available to be modified i.e Fuel at part throttle , Fuel at acceleration, Fuel rail pressure, Turbo pressure, Turbo Overboost, Torque limiters etc etc…


My car has Anti remapping software, can it be mapped?

Later vehicles built in the second half of 2009 like Audi, BMW and Vauxhall etc. have anti tuning block on them that prevents a mobile remap from being uploaded via the OBD socket. However this can still be done by removing the ECU and uploading directly to the ECU chip itself, but as this way requires different equipment to carry out the remap it can not be a mobile service.

You can either send the ecu to us to carry out the remap or we can arrange a visit to remove the ecu and take to our base to remap then bring it back and refit it for you or you can bring your car to us and we will remove and remap the ecu then refit to the car and test drive, courtesy car may be available for this service.